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Get to Know Dr. Kanetta Lott and Dr. Kimberly Beal

Dr. Kanetta Lott

As a little girl, Dr. Kanetta Lott was enthralled to meet her great uncle, a retired dentist, during a family trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She delighted in spending the day playing with his old dentistry equipment out on the porch. “It just fascinated me that we would have a dentist in our family,” recalls Lott.

Fast-forward a decade and some years later. A particularly grueling, 12-hour shift as a medical technology extern left Lott wondering if her current profession was the right fit. Soon, memories of that special childhood afternoon came full circle, and Lott decided to become a pediatric dentist, fulfilling her passion for medicine and an entrepreneurial urge to direct her own future.

The rest, as they say, is history. Family and Children’s Dentistry has been serving patients in Southwest Atlanta for over 30 years. What began as a humble solo practice is now housed in a handsome red brick building on Fairburn Road, with six dentists and 37 employees. While Dr. Lott continues to specialize in pediatric dentistry, the office has expanded to cover a wide range of ages and needs, including general dentistry, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

The key to success? Lott believes it is a combination of ethical values, quality of service, professional pride and a commitment to patient education. The most rewarding part of the job? While there are many perks, Lott says serving the same community for generations is unbeatable.  “When you see your patients grow up, and then come back with their own children, it just makes you beam.”

Dr. Kimberly Beal

Growing up, Dr. Kimberly Beal earned an allowance by helping her mother at the office. Today, she works side by side with her mother, Dr. Kanetta Lott, at Family and Children’s Dentistry.

Beal joined the practice in 2003, after completing her orthodontic residency at the University of North Carolina. As the first orthodontist to join Family and Children’s Dentistry, Beal was instrumental in expanding the range of services offered.

While some may find it unusual to work alongside a family member, Beal says keeping things professional, such as addressing one another by their formal titles at work, is key. Her advice to others joining or starting a business with family members is to “know the strengths and weaknesses in your current relationship, and know that they will be highlighted when you work together.” For Beal and Lott, appreciating each other’s strengths has been natural since they each specialize in distinct areas of dentistry.

Beal grew up in Southwest Atlanta and returned to the community to raise her children. Like Lott, Beal takes pride in the community connection at Family and Children’s Dentistry. She describes it as the “ultimate measure of honor [to be] serving the folks that are right here with me in life.”