South Fulton Power Players 3

Cain, Matthews, and Smoak Lead South Fulton 
into the Future with a Heart for Service

South Fulton county is one of Georgia’s greatest gems. It combines the beauty of freedom from the hustle of city life with unprecedented growth and outstanding communities. A common thread in South Fulton is breeding greats and power players for generations. Fellowshipping in South Fulton is personal and professional as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals, whether a resident, employee, employer, business owner or visitor. This brings us to spotlight three of South Fulton’s Power Players who are shining brightly in their own respect. Introducing Cookie Smoak, Dyan Matthews and Vincent Cain.

COOKIE SMOAK is a powerhouse sunshine in every sense. Energetic, passionate and very savvy, this Atlanta native has a deep passion for South Fulton. She grew up in College Park and has always been passionate about the area. Smoak is a part of the ATL Airport District, which represents the cities of College Park, East Point and Union City. She proudly states “We are the best kept secret and I have always maintained residence on the Southside!” With an undeniable drive to succeed, Smoak has served for 40-plus years in various roles in the hospitality industry, 20 years of which were spent with Delta Air Lines in South Fulton County and 13 years of selling Atlanta with the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau.

South Fulton means the world to Smoak because she has always called it home and loves the fabric of South Fulton from the community feel to the continuous growth, and the fact that it serves as company headquarters to many big players including Delta Airlines, Chick-Fil-A and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. With a genuine passion and love for the area and a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, Smoak plans to encourage tourism to the area and sell them on the community. After all, South Fulton is definitely a place to be desired, offering a unique small-town feel with big-city amenities. The one thing Smoak would like to see come full throttle is the Aerotropolis effort. The development of Aerotropolis will increase South Fulton’s ability to attract visitors for conventions, trade shows and tourism.

DYAN MATTHEWS is another heavy power player in the South Fulton community. She is President and CEO of the South Fulton Chamber and furthers her involvement through various organizations, such as Delta Sigma Theta, 100 Black Women, United Way and Boys Scouts of America, to name a few. Under Matthews’ watch, the South Fulton Chamber has earned the moniker of the Camera-Ready Chamber. The film industry relies heavily on Matthews to scout locations for them, such as its recent request for a dirt gravel road near a swamp, which she produced immediately because of her in-depth knowledge of South Fulton. South Fulton means everything to Matthews, who has chosen to live here since 1989 when she and her husband returned to the Atlanta area. Presidency of the South Fulton Chamber is Matthews’ retirement career after serving years in the government sector and most recently as Chief of Staff for former Commissioner William “Bill” Edwards. She is truly amazing for her service to the South Fulton community and truly dedicates herself to the long-term growth of South Fulton.

Matthews would love to see growth in South Fulton be a well-orchestrated explosion of leaps and bounds for technology and logistics. The corridors of South Fulton house companies and corporation headquarters, including Delta, Chick-Fil-A, UPS, Pepsi, Coke, Amazon, Google, Walmart, ECommerce, Publix, Porsche, United Postal Service and many others.

VINCENT CAIN is another definite community asset who rules out liabilities in South Fulton. He is a treasure with BB&T and defines and redefines client services like no other. Many roles prepared him to be a power player on all fronts, such as time with Enterprise Rental Car and the Atlanta Fish Market. Cain chooses South Fulton as his home because he loves the area and can give you over a hundred ways why it should be the home for your business or residence as well.

Cain is truly a mover and a shaker amongst the power players in South Fulton, partnering with many South Fulton organizations to get the community employed and financially educated. He sees South Fulton as the peak of opportunity for residents and visitors because it has so much to offer and the growth of the area is booming across all areas, particularly entrepreneurship and small business. His dedication is an investment in South Fulton and includes deliberate actions to enhance and improve the community at every level from community service to financial literacy and employment. Cain’s recent promotion to Vice President of Community and Business Development by BB&T bank allows him to further develop the community and make it shine even brighter.

South Fulton remained an unincorporated section of Atlanta because residents wanted to preserve the fabric of South Fulton, free from city life and accompanied by the sweet home-town community feel. Home to the communities of Ben Hill, Sandtown, Cliftondale, Cooks Landing, Cooks Crossing, Red Oak and the unincorporated parts of College Park and East Point, to name a few, South Fulton offers “old school” community with seasoned and proven professionals and key power players from all walks of life.

The community can rest easily knowing that wonderful people like Smoak, Matthews and Cain are committed to simultaneously preserving the feel of South Fulton while laying the foundation for future growth.