Tamika English 4

Southern Songbird

Tamika Mignon English, native to Atlanta, has been singing for as long as she could talk.  She distinctively remembers, at the age of four, sporting a camel colored suede skirt, some play heels, and a red wig, while offering her version of What’s Love Got to Do with It. She soon realized that music was her part after many people had continued to tell her that her voice had moved them to tears. After realizing the kind of emotion she could invoke, she knew she had found her calling. Her voice is characterized as relevant, unmistakably Southern, and refreshing, like hand crafted lemonade in the summer time.  Her melodious tones are smooth, yet soulful, and will indeed shake the ground when necessary.  Tamika writes all of her music because she loves to provide a variety of different sounds for her audiences. From Gospel to Country, she revels in them all, yet she uniquely transforms each song into her own.  The commonality between her songs is love, whether it be the love of God, music, or people. She believes that love is timeless and everything is indulged in it.

Her resume includes an opening season anthem for the Atlanta Falcons, featured artist in various jazz festivals including the Bourbon Street Jazz Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, The Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jazz Festival in Wilmington,  Delaware along with a host of other performances.

She prides herself in a deep and genuine love of music and the powerful effects it has on people.  Tamika wants to leave a positive impact on the world with her music. She believes that there is a certain power about being able to bring thousands of people together simply though music.  She personally believes that it’s a universal mechanism of communication among all the people of this world.  Her idea is that music can heal the world. She wants to use her voice as a tool to make people feel good and if she is able to do that then she knows that she has fulfilled her life’s purpose.  Some of her favorite artists are Stevie Wonder, Prince, Sade and Gregory Porter, to name but only a few.  Her Pandora playlist stays on Cibelle Radio, Workout Radio and Chris Botti Radio.

Tamika enjoys live music, reading, food, travel and all things spiritual and enlightening.  She is a happy wife and mother to one daughter, Mikiyah.

An album and tour are in place to happen very soon. She is currently in the process of finishing her website and social media to connect with the masses, however Tamika is available for your private events and is sure to be the talk of the party. For information on bookings, please email info@englishenterprise.com.