An Afternoon with Angela of Harlem Zen 3

A Conversation with Angela of Harlem Zen 

Angela McTair is an African-American chemical engineer and Wharton MBA with a passion for making healthy skin a priority for women of color. Through Harlem Zen, a unique MedSpa, she embarked upon a journey to change a culture from accepting harmful products to utilizing natural remedies and advanced technology to produce results.

A large aspect of understanding her consumer is firsthand experience with skin issues. Angela grew up watching her mother struggle to find a solution for facial hair and was determined not to deal with the same issue in addition to her own battle with acne.

“I wish more Black women could see their skin as something they could change. We throw money at so many other things—like hair and nails, but neglect our skin.”

The Mother of Invention

A lengthy career with top beauty corporations in the U.S. left Angela feeling empty.

“It’s a heinous offense,” she paused. “When you look at what women of color spend vs. the research dollars spent on studying products for Black women. It’s shameful.” Major companies are simply not investing to make sure products are effective for ethnic skin.

What makes Harlem Zen unique, outside of catering to a specific demographic, is that the approach is tailor-made and consumer-focused. Think of it as advanced skin care made easy, calming and personalized.

“I don’t want to just sell a service. I want to help people,” Angela says.

Angela’s daughter is her biggest inspiration. A driving force in seeing Harlem Zen come to fruition was a desire for her daughter to see her pursue dreams.

“I pursue my purpose, so she will know she can pursue her purpose. I want my daughter to know that if the world gets too bumpy, I’ve created a space for her.” As for her daughter’s potential future aesthetic concerns, Angela’s confident response is, “Don’t worry. Mommy’s got you.”

More on Harlem Zen

A multi-generational story of women of color struggling with confidence-destroying acne and facial hair inspired Harlem Zen. As a scientist, the founder knew there were ways to chemically balance and control the skin, so she tested product after product in hopes of healing her own skin. After discovering that most products were filled with irritating ingredients that only worsened the situation, she realized her mission.

Years of study, aesthetics licensure and certification in chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, laser treatment, organic skincare and manual lymphatic drainage preceded the founding of Harlem Zen. Combining nature and technology, Harlem Zen uses cold-pressed organic products and simple, inflammation-reducing formulas partnered with the most advanced laser technology to soothe the skin and ease it into submission.

Harlem Zen is committed to giving skin the ultimate care and truly partnering with clients on their beauty agenda. The difference lies in commitment to studying the root cause of skin concerns and providing at-home guidance in addition to treatment to get the desired result. The goal is not to see clients back again and again for the same issue. The goal is to see client concerns resolved and gain recommendations to friends and family. Their belief is that delivering lasting results is the way to do business, and they strive to change lives by alleviating aesthetic concerns that can ultimately hamper self-esteem and confidence.

Give Harlem Zen a try. You won’t be disappointed! From laser hair removal to acne treatment to anti-aging skin tightening, Harlem Zen delivers results that can give you the confidence to take on the world.

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