Fitness Can Be Fun!

The new year is a time for new beginnings. Look at our cover model, Pierre. He’s been in the game a while and just keeps coming back, a new version of himself. In addition, there are the kids from IDareU. They are perched on the edge of their future, with college and career in their view. The future looks bright.

This issue is all about fitness and healthy living. Can’t say I’ve ever been the biggest athlete but for the record I did play the Rat King in the Albany Ballet Theater production and that takes some sort of physical coordination and skill. Nowadays, I stay far away from Zed Carter and his threats of whipping me into shape at boot camp. You’ll find me at barre or Zumba with Narviar at the Walter and Andrew Young Family YMCA. I was on the swim team and still swim a lap here and there but that’s the extent of it. If ya’ll wanted marathons, you should have had my publisher write this letter.

I said all that to say, do what makes you smile. Exercise that is fun no longer feels like exercise. For example, in this issue check out my review of TopGolf. Can I golf, at all? No. But was it fun, absolutely.

There’s lots of fun stuff in this issue! Enjoy!

PS. Favorite Things: I’m loving these soft, warm fluffy boots from Arcopédico! They are like slippers you can wear outside! Arcopédico Footwear can be purchased at independent shoe retailers throughout the U.S. (including Atlanta) and online at retailers such as and