Organizational & Time-Management Tips for the New Year 1

After the holiday hustle and bustle, do you feel anxious about New Year’s resolutions that are seldom accomplished? Are you constantly getting bombarded with questions about your plans and vision for the new year? Do you find it challenging to start out the new year being organized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on to find out how to start the new year being organized and efficient without stressing.

As the new year delightfully manifests and prompts us toward the path of new beginnings and aspirations, try some of these tips to make your life easier:

Plan your spring cleaning now by intentionally 
spending 30-60 minutes per day:

+Organizing home or office space room by room:

+Shredding old documents and unwanted papers. If you must 
keep some documents, consider organizing them in color-coded 
folders and writing names and contents on the tab with a typed 
label. Organize receipts and pertinent documents for the 
upcoming tax year.

Discarding or donating old magazines, books, clothing, 
toys, equipment, etc.

+Organizing home and office desks and drawers with bins, 
utensil holders, hanging baskets, etc.

Rearranging furniture to provide a fresh look for the new year.

Implement strategies to avoid wasting time by:

Tackling the easiest tasks first

Breaking down complex tasks into smaller chunks

Creating to-do lists at the end of the day for the next day

Using calendars to keep track of everything

Ignoring unnecessary distractions.

Plan, prioritize, delegate and implement time 
management strategies by:

Using technology apps to stay organized, i.e., 
MyLifeOrganized, Listastic, Toggl and Evernote

Organizing space

Managing to-do lists

Declining tasks/assignments not related to your goals

+Completing projects and tasks