Here’s to Eating Dessert First!

Here's to Eating Dessert First! 1

Hey Y’all!
The passion for food is the focus of this issue in the month of love! We even feature a real-life love story about South Fulton’s own Dutch family. There’s a lovely engagement story and a fashion piece about African trends. You’ll also find this issue filled to the brim with articles and photos that will make your mouth water!

Flying High with Carmenlita Scott

Flying High with Carmenlita Scott 2

Moving and shaking, hard working and upbeat, positively producing and achieving outstanding outcomes are all action words that describe Carmenlita Scott.When Carmenlita walks through the doors of the Airport Area Chamber of Commerce where she serves as the first female Executive Director, she’s up to the challenge of helping transform the Chamber. That transformation includes helping the nonprofit organization improve the area by attracting more businesses and making the community an attractive place to live, work and play.

February 2017 Around Town

February 2017 Around Town 2

Christian City seniors and children are going to love this generous gift of more than 200 new books and puzzles donated by Books-A-Million Peachtree City shoppers!

SpringBox Kitchen

SpringBox Kitchen 2

SpringBox Kitchen “SBK” is a quant oasis nestled in the Martha Stewart homes of Hampton Oaks Plaza, right off the Butner and Campbellton Fairburn Road intersection, beside the Elegant Occasions Event Center. The SpringBox Kitchen “SBK” concept was developed as a forward thinking vision and modern approach to blend global influences into products, services and one restaurant menu.

Volare Bistro

Volare Bistro 1

If you are looking for a special place to celebrate Valentine’s Day, look no farther than Volare Wine and Bistro: “Where Food Happens.”
Located in the heart of downtown Hapeville, across from the railroad depot, sits Volare on North Central Avenue. This hidden area gem is easy to miss if you’re not paying attention as you drive down North Central.
However, once you dine at Volare, you’re sure to return again and again, that’s a guarantee.

Make A Move to Mobile 

Make A Move to Mobile  

Did you know that Mobile, Alabama, is the birthplace of America’s original Mardi Gras? That’s right! Mobile was the originator and the ring leader in this grand celebration dating back to 1703. Just a stone’s throw from Atlanta, Mobile is a port city known for letting the good times roll. The Mobile Mardi Gras celebration begins two and a half weeks before Fat Tuesday, so pack your bags and don’t miss the fun!

The Varied Media of Art by Benetez

The Varied Media of Art by Benetez 6

Derrick B. Bryant (Benetez) owner and operator of Art By Benetez, LLC has been doing work here in the Atlanta area since 2012. Bryant has steadily been a force to reckon with in the arts here in the South Atlanta area, experienced in a wide range of arts including custom visual arts, photography, computer graphics and mural arts. His unique talent and style have landed him large projects ranging from working with the high courts of Georgia all the way to doing mural work with the city of College Park. Bryant has been acknowledged and published by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, View House Publishing, Sun Journal Newspaper, The Herald-Sun Newspaper, Hayti Heritage Center, Spotlight Magazine, Tribes Magazine, IBM, BET, Kodak NBC My Carolina Today Show, Armacell, Administrative Office of the Courts and Fulton Government TV.

Tasting Your Way Around the World

Tasting Your Way Around the World 5

Perhaps the best part of traveling is tasting the unique cuisine offered in each new destination. Enthusiastic foodies know travel is about both the destination and following those taste buds. With endless restaurants and food establishments to be enjoyed, finding the perfect meal on the road can be challenging. Follow these three tips to turn your vacation into the food adventure of your dreams.

Create a Portrait on a Plate with Chef Mark Davis Jr.

Create a Portrait on a Plate with Chef Mark Davis Jr. 2

Food has always been one of those things that made people come together, no matter their gender, race or age. —Chef Mark Davis Jr.
Chef Mark Davis Jr. was born and raised in the inner city of St. Louis, Missouri. In 2007, Davis left with a vision to re-create the catering industry and relocated to Atlanta. Chef Mark founded Portrait on a Plate Catering and built it upon two basic principles: quality entrees and exquisite presentation. Utilizing over 25 years of catering and hospitality experience, Chef Mark is a third-generation chef specializing in American Fusion cuisine and corporate catering.

Gabrielle & Trevor

Gabrielle & Trevor

Gabrielle Murray (24) of College Park, Ga. and Trevor Brand (23) of Dickson, Tn. are proud to announce their fall engagement. The two met in February of 2015 at a social event. After meeting they kept in touch over social media and saw each other at various events, but it wasn’t until Trevor asked Gabrielle to take her on a one on one outing that she realized he wanted to be more than friends. A native of College Park, Gabrielle was proud to show off her South Fulton roots and Trevor immediately fell in love with the city and moved to Georgia soon after.

Nelly’s Inspirational Handcrafted “Bows of Hope” 

Nelly’s Inspirational Handcrafted “Bows of Hope”  10

Nelly (the mastermind behind Nelly’s Bow-tique), age 11, decided to create handcrafted hair bows to complement her personality and style. Nelly created her first bow in August 2016, exhibiting her exuberant creativity and inspiration. Nelly longed to share her inspiring bows with messages of hope.

Top Trends in African Fashion in 2017

Top Trends in African Fashion in 2017 1

There are now tons of options beyond a kente cloth bow tie or a shapeless caftan for your church’s “Heritage Sunday” or a Black History Month program. Here are 3 top trends in African fashion that will keep you stylish way beyond February.

The Love Story of Angie & Corey Dutch – A South Fulton Power Couple

The Love Story of Angie & Corey Dutch - A South Fulton Power Couple 2

There are love stories, unimaginable love stories and then the love story of Angie and Corey Dutch which is a beautiful combination of the two. They have been married for 22 years, dated for 25 years and have known each other for almost 30 years. . Corey does not mind sharing his moments of meeting Angie in high school and telling his buddy, “I am going to marry that girl.” Well about five years later he did just that and the rest is the history of a match made in heaven. Angie and Corey Dutch are one of South Fulton’s power couples who are best known for giving back to South Fulton tirelessly in many ways. If you have ever met either of them or both of them, I am sure it had an everlasting effect. After a lifetime of friendship, I even learned new things about this amazing couple.