The Love Story of Angie & Corey Dutch - A South Fulton Power Couple 2

There are love stories, unimaginable love stories and then the love story of Angie and Corey Dutch which is a beautiful combination of the two. They have been married for 22 years, dated for 25 years and have known each other for almost 30 years. . Corey does not mind sharing his moments of meeting Angie in high school and telling his buddy, “I am going to marry that girl.” Well about five years later he did just that and the rest is the history of a match made in heaven. Angie and Corey Dutch are one of South Fulton’s power couples who are best known for giving back to South Fulton tirelessly in many ways.  If you have ever met either of them or both of them, I am sure it had an everlasting effect. After a lifetime of friendship, I even learned new things about this amazing couple.

The highlight of their love story and journey was the fact that they are a real life work and play couple. Angie and Corey own APEC Prep and the APEC Family Foundation Fund Inc. which are their avenues to provide community solutions through childcare, after school care and assistance to South Fulton families. They understand the dynamics of needing these programs because both of them come from single mother homes although they had a village of support from family and friends growing up. Angie credits Corey’s support with saving her life. They met less than a year after the tragic death of her sister and they married three days before her mother’s death. Corey quickly became the constant in her life and they rebuilt what her next chapters would look like and become as these now only children became Mr. and Mrs. Corey Dutch. From this union they have two beautiful adult children, Corey Jr and Minka (named after Angie’s mother). They recently renewed their wedding vows for their 20th anniversary and had the dream beach wedding they desired in Cancun. By the way, even this was a fundraiser for their foundation. They are always very intentional, thinking about others in everything they do. It came as no surprise that when I asked what inspires them, they both replied serving others.

Marriage inspiration for these two comes from putting each others’ needs first. Corey said it best: “I put her needs first and she puts my needs first so no one is ever left behind.” The couple also looks to Herman and Valerie Driskell, Harold and Larita Reid, and First Lady Michelle and President Barack Obama for further inspiration, motivation and keys to getting it right. As a creative couple, they are constantly communicating their visions to each other. Corey is the motivator and Angie is the implementor, which works seamlessly for them. They can push each other to creative limits beyond belief because they each see the limitless potential in each other as well as the universe.

Constantly building their legacy as a married couple they recommend seeing the film “The Book of Eli” and reading The 5 Love Languages and The Wisdom of Florence Shinn. “The Book of Eli” highlights the gift of vision without sight and the power of the true Word of God. The 5 Love Languages allowed them to learn a lot about each other and The Wisdom of Florence Shinn enhances the thought process of you are what you think; let the losers worry about losing.