Tasting Your Way Around the World 5

Perhaps the best part of traveling is tasting the unique cuisine offered in each new destination. Enthusiastic foodies know travel is about both the destination and following those taste buds. With endless restaurants and food establishments to be enjoyed, finding the perfect meal on the road can be challenging. Follow these three tips to turn your vacation into the food adventure of your dreams.

1. Locals Know Best

It’s a well-known fact that going where the locals go is the best way to experience a new city, but what if you don’t know any locals? The next best thing is the often overlooked travel agent. Full-service travel agents provide advice and assistance in planning your itinerary to ensure your trip lives up to your expectations. Travel agents’ specialized training and access to local vendors make them invaluable when it comes to locating places and services that are often impossible to find on your own. The best part is that many travel agents offer these services free of charge. For DIY types, consult blogs written by locals to find the most authentic experience.

2. Take Food Tours & Cruises

Food-based tours and cruises are popular throughout the world. The huge variety of food tours makes it difficult to know where to begin. Food cruises are fantastic for beginner travel foodies, with cruises offered to suit every style and personality, from entry-level to luxurious. As the name implies, cruising eliminates the traditional stresses of traveling, instead creating an enjoyable journey to a select destination. Smaller cruise lines like AMA Waterways bring the destination into the journey by including cultural food and flavors in the onboard cuisine. Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Top Chef at Sea delves a little deeper into the foodie world, offering programs that include cooking competitions, demonstrations and private classes. Consult Cruise Planners Metro Atlanta to find exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Explore Cooking Classes

Another fantastic way to “eat your way around the world” is by taking cooking classes and participating in food shopping tours. You’ll get to taste the culture and bring a bit of it home with you—there’s no better souvenir than a well-loved recipe. Hotels frequently offer cooking classes featuring traditional area cuisine, but venturing farther out can provide even more adventure. A travel agent can assist in finding a unique experience that connects you with the right teacher native to the country who will have a history of the recipes and experiences to draw from.

Avid traveler and foodie Catina Wilson is the Owner/Operator of Cruise Planners Metro Atlanta. Her full-service travel agency can ensure you get the most from your next foodie adventure.

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