The Varied Media of Art by Benetez 6

Derrick B. Bryant (Benetez) owner and operator of Art By Benetez, LLC has been doing work here in the Atlanta area since 2012. Bryant has steadily been a force to reckon with in the arts here in the South Atlanta area, experienced in a wide range of arts including custom visual arts, photography, computer graphics and mural arts. His unique talent and style have landed him large projects ranging from working with the high courts of Georgia all the way to doing mural work with the city of College Park. Bryant has been acknowledged and published by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, View House Publishing, Sun Journal Newspaper, The Herald-Sun Newspaper, Hayti Heritage Center, Spotlight Magazine, Tribes Magazine, IBM, BET, Kodak NBC My Carolina Today Show, Armacell, Administrative Office of the Courts and Fulton Government TV.

Bryant also runs a non-profit called Colorfest Inc. here in the Atlanta area as well. The organization does beautification projects with the youth here, in North Carolina and Brooklyn, NY. “Our major role with Colorfest is being committed to bringing the arts to all children in a diverse setting. We are devoted to bringing all forms of art to the community through beautification projects, educational outreach, art exhibits, and performances,” Derrick says.  Currently Colorfest Inc. has just finished a mural project in Union City, Ga where kids in the community came out and helped paint a colorful  mural for the city’s Music and Arts Festival.  Holiday projects with Colorfest Inc. include making greeting cards with local youth for seniors at nursing homes. For more information or to contact Art By Benetez, LLC go to You can also get more information on Colorfest, Inc. at,