Top Trends in African Fashion in 2017 1

There are now tons of options beyond a kente cloth bow tie or a shapeless caftan for your church’s “Heritage Sunday” or a Black History Month program. Here are 3 top trends in African fashion that will keep you stylish way beyond February.

  • High-waisted skirts in vibrant African prints have risen in popularity in the last 2-3 years, and have remained a staple of any urban fashionista’s closet to this day for good reason.  With so many patterns and prints to choose from, as well as a variety of hemline lengths (mini, midi, and maxi) and styles (pencil, high-low, A-line, etc.), one is sure to find a skirt that fits one’s budget and figure. With all of the recent interest in creating an hourglass figure using “waist-trainers,” a well-constructed high-waisted skirt can help define your waist with fabric- no diets required!
  • Dashikis have been redefined!  Men now have a wider range of shirts that are casual, contemporary, and culturally relevant. In addition to the traditional dashikis made in solid colors with ornate embroidery, and the contemporary “Angelina” dashiki print that has recently become wildly popular, there are also some very nice options in linen or cotton, with short or long sleeves. Best of all, these shirts can be dressed up or dressed down by wearing jeans or nice slacks, depending on the occasion.
  • If you are just getting started exploring your own sense of African style, testing the waters with accessories – a statement necklace, dramatic earrings, an elaborate headwrap, or a fabulous tote bag – might be your way into this trend.

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