Stars Shine in FAMEous J by Chanel Jaali

“FAMEousJ was born out of self-care. I had a demanding job at the time and wanted a way to relax after work,” explains founder Chanel Jaali, who taught herself to crochet with no particular outcome in mind; she certainly didn’t think of starting a business! After a short while, Chanel began experimenting with different patterns and decided to make a bow tie. She was so proud of it that she posted it on Instagram. Someone made a comment asking if it was for sale.

“I had a ‘light bulb’ moment, and FAMEousJ was created!” she recalls. Initially, Chanel took just a few orders at a time to ensure she could handle the demand. As her skill and turnaround time improved, she opened an Etsy shop and added new products. She soon found that running a business and working full time could be intense, but it taught her about prioritizing and time management—key skills that are a MUST when operating any type of business.

“When you are the employer and the employee, you wear many hats,” she says. “I also take the majority of my product and advertising photos!”

In the short time that FAMEousJ has existed, Chanel has been able to watch her business grow and even reach a few celebrities!

“It has taught me a lot about myself and has shown me what I can accomplish. It also challenges my creativity and skill set,” Chanel reflects. From baby clothing and mermaid tails to bikinis and slippers, Chanel enjoys crafting creative products, and there’s more to come!

Chanel’s work can be found on her Etsy shop at