I’m So Glad We Had 
This Time Together…

Wow! Time really does fly, whether you’re having fun or not.  Well, as much as I have fun in just about everything I do, it’s not that much fun to hand over one of my most prized possessions: South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine.  Yep, I said it. My time here has come to an end. This is where you start crying and ask someone around you for a tissue.  I have mine right here.  The good news is that I’m leaving you in great hands, with an experienced publisher and notable speaker that is going to take you guys to the next level: Mrs. Alonia Jones.  You’ll learn more about her in the pages to follow.  And I’m not going far. Because of our success at South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine, I’ve accepted a corporate position with Lifestyle Publications. I will be leading the effort to help grow the company, assisting new publishers across the nation to execute their dream of publishing and owning their publications.

As much as I hate to leave this platform, I do so willingly, because I know that it takes me to the next spot in fulfilling my purpose: impacting and influencing others to achieve their goals.  So I’ll leave you with this, SoFu: What is your purpose?  Do you know?  I bet you do.  It’s what’s burning inside of you, what you’re scared to do because you think you won’t make enough money or that you’ll fail miserably.  Or maybe it’s that quiet voice you hear whenever you pass a certain landmark or building or watch a show that reminds you of something you feel like you should be doing.  Whatever the case, if you know your purpose and you’re not moving toward it, shame on you.  Who’s not fulfilling their purpose because you’re not fulfilling yours?

That was kinda heavy, so I’ll lighten it up a bit.  Here’s some more good news: I’ll still be around.  See what I’m up to at MarriedtoMichelle.com, on Twitter, IG, and LinkedIn.  If you look closely, you might also catch me on the big (or small) screen!

My final requests: Love each other whether you want to or not, always reach back to help someone else and keep calling South Fulton #SoFu!  It has been my honor and pleasure to serve you for the past two years.  À bientôt, SoFu!  Talk soon.

ON THE COVER: Ron Hill captures the essence of entrepreneurs Michelle Willis and Alonia Jones on location at the home of Benton and Michelle Routh.