A Pop-Up Paint & Sip Experience

MOSAIC Moon is a family owned and operated business built and run with heart and soul, as is evident in every aspect of the organization, including its name. “MOSAIC” is an acronym for Maintaining the Onus of Synergy, Authenticity and Independence in our Community, and “Moon” was the nickname of Owner Sabrina Player’s late husband who lost his battle with brain cancer.

“Watching my husband fight for his life at such a young age gave me a sense of urgency to do the things that we discussed doing,” says Sabrina, who loves making people happy by exposing them to the therapy of painting. After 13 years in education, she decided it was time to take the leap.

“I love to create and paint,” and I felt like there were plenty of people who would also love the health benefits of relaxing by painting,” says Sabrina. After being voted by Yelp as one of the top 10 Paint & Sip experiences in Atlanta, MOSAIC Moon decided to leave the studio and go completely mobile, becoming MOSAIC Moon – A Pop-Up Paint & Sip Experience. They felt that more people would experience their excellent customer service and great artistry if they brought the concept to communities around Atlanta and beyond.

Sipping and painting is a concept that has been around for more than 10 years. Throughout the country, people who don’t normally paint (and those who do) are relaxing with their favorite beverage as they receive instruction on creating a masterpiece in a relaxing and fun environment with great music.

Creating art with acrylics on canvas is a great way to express oneself, relieve stress and have fun. You can find MOSAIC Moon – A Pop-Up Paint & Sip Experience’s calendar at They pop up weekly at some locations and every other week at others. In addition to popping up at beautiful venues that serve food and drinks, they also pop up at businesses for team-building events, homes, schools, churches, community centers, clubhouses and more. MOSAIC Moon has also raised money for nonprofit organizations, schools and churches through their Make Paint Matter fundraisers.

“The Children’s Home that we serve has been one of the most gratifying experiences,” says Sabrina. “To see them forget their troubles for a couple of hours is what we’re about.”

The MOSAIC Moon team brings appropriate staffing, professionalism, a lot of fun and everything you need to make your painting experience unforgettable. They can plan a Paint & Sip experience focused on just painting or in conjunction with larger events. They look forward to connecting with people and enhancing many communities in the years to come. Contact MOSAIC Moon at