Voice of an Angel

Tasha.René is an artist with a deep commitment to lyrical honesty and musical integrity. Creativity flows from her pen and her lips as she transports you from genre to genre, singing about the most intimate, defining and critical moments of her life. Captivating audiences with real-life and love scenarios and proving that being a Christian isn’t boring, Tasha.René started singing at the tender age of 3. It began with a solo in church, and the rest is history!

Tasha.René spreads the message that listening to all types of music should not make people feel guilty and that enjoying life is part of our purpose here on Earth. Lyrically she writes for everyone who loves God and love. Tasha’s material specifically focuses on love, relationships and most importantly, God. She desires people to understand that you can’t talk about love without talking about God. A real love song can be sung to God first and then to your significant other. That’s real love!

Originally from Luling, Louisiana, Tasha.René studied music in one of the most musically diverse places on Earth: New Orleans. Now living in Atlanta, Tasha says opportunities for her have been nonstop. She’s sung every genre of music from classical to rock, gospel, CCM, Neo-Soul and R&B.

“My music is a fusion of different genres,” she explains, adding that the varied sounds offer her audience a unique experience.

Tasha.René’s musical career includes performing in several countries with various artists, such as Ann Nesby, Eric Benet, Michael McDonald, Wynonna Judd, Leon Timbo, Debbie Allen, Chaka Khan and Queen Latifah. She’s recorded background vocals and written for several of these artists and is now stepping out on her own. Tasha.René earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Master’s degrees in Vocal Performance and Entertainment Business.

Tasha.René has also appeared in several professional movies. The featured vocalist in the Lifetime original movie “For One Night” with Raven Symoné, Tasha.René was also a cast member on Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes to Jail.” She has acted in several traveling plays, musicals and operas across America and abroad.

Tasha.René owns and operates Savvi Creative & Performing Arts Studio. Hard work, coupled with exercises innovatively interpreted to fit her students’ voice, piano and acting skills, along with patience is what Savvi CAPAS offers. Whether it be learning to sing in a group or choir setting or practicing your favorite solo, it’s possible. Learning how to play the piano or tackle that monologue/script for an upcoming audition; it’s possible. No matter the genre, Tasha.René designs a course to fit a student’s specific needs. She teaches all ages and skill levels from beginner to professional, ensuring her students reach their goals and beyond. Tasha.René has been teaching piano, voice and acting privately since 1999. She has been training choirs since she was 13 years old. She brings a wealth of God-given wisdom, educational knowledge and experience to the table for all who come in contact with her.

Her ultimate goal for her music is to help her audience understand that love and God go hand in hand. Tasha.René wants her audience to grasp that God is love and that you can’t have it without him. Tasha also emphasizes that Christians can enjoy life and have fun as well, which is what her music represents.

A true creator and innovator, Tasha.René is on the move both as an artist and a premier teacher. Tasha.René has exceeded expectations, becoming one of the premier performing arts teachers in Atlanta. Look for her new recently released EP, “His Kinda Love” in stores and online now.