Just a Touch—a Touch of Inspiration, That Is

Just a Touch—a Touch of Inspiration, That Is

It Was All Very Necessary

Have you ever wondered why you’ve had to face certain life experiences? Unless you have lived a life free from pain, disappointment, frustration or mistakes, I’m sure you’ve experienced situations that left much to be desired. And if you had to do it all over again, you might like to rewrite some chapters of your story…or exclude them entirely! In the process of examining the hard times you’ve faced, you may find yourself seeking answers: Why must I cry these tears? Am I not good enough? Why am I not farther along in life? Why must things be so difficult for me but such a breeze for others? When will the dark days be over? The unease only intensifies when you know you’re doing your very best, yet you’re not feeling the satisfaction of things getting better.

While every situation is different, one thing is constant: Everything happens for a reason. You will either learn from an experience, garner strength from it, grow stronger or continue to be plagued by it until at least one of the aforementioned outcomes is achieved.

But be encouraged! I have experienced such a wide range of ups and downs that I can assure you that regardless of how difficult those experiences may have been, they were all very necessary. The only way to discover this truth, however, is to persevere and see the end result. Anyone can give up; real winners press on, even when they’re forced to take a detour or plan a whole new route. So the next time challenges come your way, don’t fret. Instead, consider handling them as building blocks to your ultimate success. Count every challenge as very necessary and, in time, you’ll find yourself reaping the rewards of this truth.

Excited about your destiny? I am!