#SoFu Citizen of the Month

Citizen of the Month:  George G. Andrews

There’s a lot to be said about George G. Andrews. Many people know him as the visionary leader of Capitol City Bank & Trust Company. As its founder, he also served as president and CEO for 22 years and as chair of Capitol City Bancshares, Inc.’s Capital Formation and Strategic Initiatives Committee. In these roles, Andrews fulfilled his life’s dream of meeting the needs of underserved communities by focusing on providing opportunities for small businesses to access capital for growth and development. Today, his territory has been enlarged tremendously as he oversees Business Development/Marketing for the Municipal Securities Division of City National Bank, a New Jersey-based full service commercial bank.

A graduate of Washington High School and Morehouse College, Andrews is truly a community servant at heart. His organizational affiliations and benefactors are too numerous to name without making omissions. It can truthfully be stated that he has sown seeds of commitment, trustworthiness, perseverance, collaboration and community awareness through student banking programs, scholarship funds, HBCU partnerships, business collaborations and assistance with the growth of local churches and businesses.

Additionally, Andrews’ contributions to the community are immeasurable, creating a legacy that continues to inspire and ease the way for wealth, prosperity, community empowerment, success and economic development for generations to come. Andrews lives by Sir Isaac Newton’s quote: “If I could see far, it is because I stand on the shoulders of others.”

“I realize that if those people hadn’t helped me I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I am obligated to share what I have,” says Andrews. “I am committed to helping others and am honored to be in a position to do both. My experiences, more than anything, have ingrained in me the understanding that it is not how much you gain in life but how much you give that matters. I love to give back because of the many, many people that helped me.” He and his wife, Janice, are the proud parents of three adult children and the doting grandparents of eight grandchildren.

“Citizen of the Month” features a South Fulton resident who continually gives of his/her time, talent and treasures to make our community, and ultimately the world we live in, a better place. Could you be next? Email Alonia.Jones@LifestylePubs.com with suggestions.