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5 Fashion Finds for Spring 2017

Spring in the South is that delightfully short period of time when the Dogwoods are blooming and color abounds everywhere. Before the heat and humidity of summer sets in, spring is the time to get outdoors and show off the newest fashion trends.

Cree Davis, a resident of the Audubon Forest area in Southwest Atlanta, thinks the arrival of spring is magical in Atlanta. “When spring arrives, it’s time for a colorful sundress, a bold sun hat and an oversized bag,” exclaims Davis. The married model, actress and mother of two loves the brightness of the season of spring and looks forward to trying out this year’s trends.

Leaning toward retro, with a touch of street, a bit oversized and colorful, fashion trends found on the runways aren’t always transferable to areas like South Fulton, but key pieces can be incorporated into just about everyone’s wardrobes. Check out these five fashion trends to shop for this spring.

5 Trends to Spring for in 2017

1. Oversized Accessories

From necklaces with mega-sized pendants that graze the navel and statement-making earrings to XXXL purses that hold it all together, exaggerated sizes are trending this spring. Davis absolutely loves carrying oversized bags.

“I have a family of four, so an oversized bag allows me to fashionably carry all the necessary items for my family without looking like a ‘bag lady,’” she laughs. “I throw on my pastel flowing sun dress, big sun hat, pack all the necessary items in my oversized bag and I feel just as graceful as the butterflies I see flying around in my yard.”

2. Romantic Chic

Delicate florals are always reminiscent of spring, but this year they are updated with unique cuts and an urban edge. Don’t be afraid of pairing a romantic dress with a retro baseball cap or a funky platform sandal for a cool juxtaposition.

3. 80s Glam

Get ready for some “Material Girl” action this spring with puffy sleeves, ruffled blouses and metallic accessories, unapologetically declaring the 80s glam comeback.

4. Athleisure

This spring, wearing your yoga pants all day doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re spending the day in yoga pants. The newer, sexier take on athleisure wear includes sporty separates, body-skimming styles and high-waisted leggings that take you from the gym and grocery shopping to brunch without skipping a beat.

5. Stripes

Get ready to see a resurgence of Rainbow Brite this season. Look for rainbow-colored stripes in every shape, size and silhouette. Consider incorporating this trend in accessories like earrings or going bold with an accent piece.