A Mother's Poem

I believe Mothers are very special to God.  We are charged to be ever-present with our children (in mind when absent in body) just as He is ever-present with His children.  Great is His faithfulness to equip us that we may endure and fulfill the roles in which He has placed us.  May He continue to:


Bless your hearts to love your children unconditionally.

Bless your minds to have loving and caring thoughts of your children.

Bless your intuition to recognize your children’s raw talent and the courage to feed it for growth, development and success.

Bless your lips to speak words of encouragement to your children.

Bless your eyes to see beyond your children’s faults and meet their needs.

Bless your ears to hear your children when they cry out to you.

Bless your tears that you shed for your children when things are not quite right.

Bless your arms to enfold your children with nurture and strength.

Bless your feet to run to your children when they are in trouble.

Bless your shoulders to help bear your children’s burdens with support.

Bless your belief system to trust God to watch over your children.

Bless your faith to teach your children to pray and obey God’s will.

Bless your spirit to pray without ceasing for your children and their Father.


God has honored you with the privilege to birth so that you will nurture, teach and reach nations.  May He give you the endurance and the stamina to always be “Mother of the Year” in the eyes of your children.