Fitness Can Be Fun!

Hey Y’all!

It’s Spring! Springtime always signifies fresh starts. And if you love celebrations like we do, then you will definitely raise a glass for this issue. We recognize the graduates setting out on new life adventures with 10 high school seniors from around South Fulton ready to spread their wings. The festivities continue with our wedding and engagement feature where we honor the new beginnings of local couples by highlighting the newest trends in the wedding industry like paper blossom backdrops handcrafted right here in Atlanta. And while I LOVE a big affair, wedding planner Keosha Chandler will expound on the benefits of eloping. Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t salute the enduring love of the mothers among us. To help you make your Mother’s Day preparations special, there are tips to help you shower her as well. So with balloons, bubbly, and flowers in bloom, I say here’s to new adventures, fresh beginnings, and enduring love, with the unifying theme between all of these being love.

P.S. This guy is my why! I suspect that part of the reason that weddings are often so emotional and that graduations are so full of elation are that tearful moms are picturing the groom in diapers or their graduate wobbling on his first pair of roller skates! There’s no love like a mother’s love! Enjoy your day!