Elopements are the New Black  4


Are you recently engaged and fallen victim to those wedding blogs that make you believe you can afford the swankiest venue in town, complete with those plush centerpieces for 200 guests? It’s a harsh reality when you realize those things just don’t work for your budget. Does that mean you should water down your dream wedding? Not at all! Instead, maybe you should consider an elopement.

The term “elopement” has taken on new life and its meaning has completely evolved over the years. Long gone are the days of cheesy, drive-through weddings. Elopements can be spontaneous, private acts or meticulously planned “pop up” experiences, with a handful of special guests. There are no restrictions. More couples are going intimate to avoid the unnecessary pressures of hosting large, expensive weddings. The biggest decision in planning an elopement is deciding the when and where. Elopements not only cut down on costs, but they shorten lengthy engagements.

Many working professionals decide to elope because of timing and not necessarily budget constraints. If budget isn’t a concern, it may be ideal to hire a wedding designer to serve up a major dose of style. A wedding designer can set the tone by creating a stylized wedding environment so you can focus on the details without sacrifice because of your low guest count. If you’ve always envisioned a six-tier wedding cake, then go for it! A cake designer can incorporate faux layers to achieve your desired look… just be sure to plan ahead.

Remember Your Manners

Let’s not forget about elopement etiquette. Yes, there’s etiquette. For example, you don’t want your closest family and friends to find out about the elopement via an unexpected social media announcement. Keep them “in the know” by telling them the news prior to your big day. It will definitely be an easier pill to swallow. Openly communicate with loved ones by letting them know your decision to elope is about you and your fiancé. And most importantly, send wedding announcements expressing gratitude for their love and support. Have fun with it! You’re entitled to avoid the potential chaos of a traditional large wedding, and your loved ones are sure to respect your wishes. You can always set the table for two!