Just a Touch of Inspiration 1

I Do

May is a very special month. As we have shared in this edition, it’s one of the most favored months for couples to pledge their love to one another through marriage. Clearly, this should remind us of those famous words: “I do.” Of course, the couple says, “I do” to each other. And then there are the “I do’s” to the dress, the ring, the ceremony—absolutely everything must be in order.

I wonder, however, what our attitude may be when it comes to saying “I do” to the other aspects of life that mean just as much, primarily ourselves. The older I get, the more I realize that we should be doing all we can to live rather than merely exist. Unfortunately, the pressures of life and our many responsibilities may cause us to feel like we are aimlessly wandering through the motions of our daily routine, essentially just mindlessly doing what needs to be done.

This may be particularly true for those who work in the service field. These are those who consistently give, give, give all for the sake of others. They sacrifice and place themselves and their needs on the back burner to make things better for someone else. Trust me, I understand. I am a giver and servant myself. I’m also a firm believer that “What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.” I’ve seen it work in my life.

I did come to realize that even on an airplane, we are instructed to place the oxygen mask on ourselves first. Perhaps you can take that well-needed vacation. How about picking up a hobby you put down years ago, or even something as simple as going for a walk in the park? While you say, “I do” to so many other people and things, now just may be the perfect time to consider saying, “I do” to yourself too!

Excited about your destiny? I am!

Alonia Jones