The Coachmans 7

A Love Story in the Groom’s Own Words

Taylor and Cornelius Coachman

Wedding Date: 9/17/2016

Venue: Millennium Gate Museum Atlanta Station

Colors: Gold/Navy Blue/Blush

Wedding Party: 7 bridesmaids /4 groomsmen /125 guests

Theme: A Night Under the Stars


Joseph Stevens Photography, Steven Joseph Horejsi


Stylish Stems, Jacki Fortunato


Unknown Lyric

DJ Tron


Cupcakes – Cami Cakes

Pies – Panbury’s Double Crust Pies.

Wedding Cake: Publix

A Meeting of Chance

Taylor and Cornelius met online but not in the manner of many couples that connect using Match or eHarmony. As fate would have it, he happened across her photo on Tumblr.

“I was just browsing my dashboard until I saw a picture of her and I was floored. I had never seen a woman quite like her. I then proceeded to search her entire blog until I saw her face in full view and saw she had freckles. I felt like I had hit the jackpot.” Cornelius searched the page for information about a boyfriend.

“I didn’t see one and I ended up sending a message, not expecting her to reply, but she did. Eventually my terrible jokes led to us meeting in person. From there we somehow hit it off.” He fell in love with her great personality.

“She was so caring,” he says. “I was always expecting myself to mess it up somehow.” They shared the common interests of football, food and the finer things in life.

Love Makes a Way

“A couple of weeks later, my job required me to work in Boston. I didn’t want to lose her so I decided to sacrifice my time and money to see her. I flew from Boston to Atlanta every month for six months. Once I landed in Atlanta I took the train to my apartment, got my car, and drove to Covington to her job. Most of the time she was so busy but it was worth it to me to have a small amount of time with her. We talked on the phone every night while I was in Boston but I was incredibly happy to make it through those six months and come back home to Atlanta.”

A Dream Fulfilled: The Engagement

“I always used to have this dream where I was at the altar and my wife would be walking down the aisle, but I could never see her face. That dream would become clearer night by night, as we dated. Finally one night in that same dream, I was able to see the bride’s face and it was Taylor. That’s when I knew that God was telling me that this is the woman you need to marry.” From that night on, Cornelius started planning the proposal.

“My job at the time was flying to the Dominican Republic for a company vacation and I begged them to allow her to come so I could propose. They agreed and I scraped and saved every dollar I could to buy her an engagement ring. When we were in Punta Cana, the night of the proposal I was very nervous because it was also her birthday weekend as well. Eventually I proposed to her near the beach and she wasn’t going to cry until she saw the ring. From there it was waterworks, but she did say yes. I found out her grandmother was Dominican. We celebrated the night away and we have been together ever since.”