Hitting It Out of the Park 
for Our Community

“Everything is driven by a desire to help make others’ lives better, honestly at a lot of personal sacrifice.” If anyone knows about sacrifice, it would be Rod Dixon. He is the co-founder of Dixon Davis, LLC. Upon graduating from the University of Florida with honors, Dixon went on to attend the University of Tennessee to obtain his Juris Doctor degree. Upon graduation from law school, the first nine years of his career were spent representing defendants. But after becoming troubled by helping people who had done wrong, Dixon decided to represent plaintiffs in personal injury cases. He represents a vast number of victims who have sustained physical, mental and emotional injuries.

While simultaneously devoting time to his clients and cases, Dixon also runs his own nonprofit baseball organization. For as long as he can remember, he has been quite passionate about the sport. However, he soon recognized the challenges that many children who want to play face: the cost. Playing competitively is expensive, but Dixon did not want that to be an issue for those determined to be great.

“Playing good competition is almost the only way to go further, to the point of possible college scholarship or draft,” says Dixon. “Plus, over many years I became disheartened to see the number of African Americans playing diminish significantly.” Every year he donates $100,000 to support the cause. The amount is significant to Dixon as it is the very first salary he earned after completing law school.

Growing up, the odds were against him, and he wants to help children who are currently in the position he once was in. Many of the kids who are a part of the organization would not have been able to play baseball had it not been for Dixon’s altruism. He also offers the opportunity for volunteers, whom he directly works with and mentors. The ultimate goal of the organization is not to simply teach children to be great athletes, but great people.

Selflessness is a persistent theme in his life. Whether it’s through his work as a personal injury lawyer or the executive director of a nonprofit organization, Rod Dixon is someone determined to help those who don’t have the power or means to help themselves.