Fatherhood 1

From the first time you learn about your child your life will never the same

Anytime you think about them or even hear their name

The simple things about them like their eyes…their smile…their laugh

Have you memorized and hypnotized especially when they finally call you Dad

Every minute spent with you is precious, cherished time

Remembering your first steps…your first word…you are truly one of a kind

The feelings that were felt when you find out you’re having a prince or princess

Oh how amazing and humbling to think about how one could be so blessed

Of all the joys in life there simply is no other that can match that love

Daddy should always be there for you and forever thank GOD above

Created when passion met purpose and designated in a sacred space to be Divine

Whether biological or step…you will always be considered mine

Remembering the first time I held you and looked into your eyes

Rocking you to sleep or consoling you when you cried

Watching you take your first steps, hearing your first word or helping you learn to swing

Learning about your unique personality and appreciating the little things

Providing you with guidance, protection, love and all the things you need

Daddy-Daughter Date Nights…Father-Son Fellowships…Teaching you how to read

Washing clothes or wiping your nose or changing a stinky diaper

Tying shoes or paying field trip dues or hugging and holding you tighter

Game Nights…Movie Marathons…Disney Channel Binge Watching Days

PTA Meetings and Parent-Teacher Conferences or attending your school and church plays

Singing songs or laughing at your jokes when you’re being silly

Loving you with all his heart…being a Daddy is so healing

Practices for Baseball, Girl Scouts, Softball, Swimming

No matter what you are doing in life in a father’s eyes you are always winning

You are Daddy’s Smart Strong Leaders…his Beautiful Princesses…His Handsome Prince

You are such an amazing creation and truly a special gift

When you come into his world, life’s purpose is finally understood

True Commitment…Dedication…Sacrifice… Love…

Expressed as Fatherhood