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Morocco is a land of cities and villages, old and new, traditional and contemporary, where Mercedes and donkeys are side by side in the streets. You’ll see business districts with high rises ringed by shanty towns, ancient walled cities, painted blue cities and beautiful deserts, and medinas with back alleys to get lost in, public squares with snake charmers, musicians, magicians and con artists waiting to take your money. Morocco has it all!

It’s where fresh breads are baked for meals daily, and the fragrant aroma of spices hangs in the air; where fresh oranges grow wild. Morocco is a beautifully peaceful country. I enjoyed every minute of my solo trip there. Full of rich history, Morocco’s people are warm and friendly, and every meal was incredibly delicious—it is a true feast for the eyes! As a designer, I appreciated the hand-knotted rugs, the beautiful woven textiles, the intricate mosaic tiles and the intense colors of the hand-dyed leathers. Moroccans take great pride in their handicrafts and traditional craftsmanship.

With Arabic, French, Spanish and English spoken by most, the country is not too difficult to navigate. Traveling solo, I would recommend hiring a guide, which is easily affordable. Put Morocco on your bucket list and see as much of it as you can. Savvy travelers have been able to grab round trip tickets for under $500.