Whether a day trip, weekend getaway or full vacation, Alexandria offers colonial charm like no other destination. A short flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Washington, D.C. will deliver you in the midst of ole world elegance and something extraordinary. The streets of Alexandria, Virginia are paved in gold, so it’s no wonder they call the main drag “King Street.” Beyond the colorful exterior doors lies a spirit of community. Nestled near the bustling District of Columbia, Alexandria is riddled with opportunities for exploration. Charm is an understatement when describing this brilliant American community. From walking on the cobblestone streets to sitting at the marina, visitors are sure to enjoy the boldness of this beautiful region of the world.


The luxury feel and vibrancy of the boutique hotels can be addictive in Alexandria. You will know you have been bitten by the design bug when you hear yourself stating, “I am going to renovate my residence as soon as I return home.” Celebrate the indigenous spirit and originality of Alexandria. Numerous small hotels offer unique design and deliver exemplary service. Color is prominent in Alexandrian décor and is stylishly implemented in a variety of intimate enclaves. Stay in style, be of good cheer and live in color!

The Kimpton Lorien Hotel and Spa is a sweet suite. Spacious layouts paired with intricate details are just a few of the many attributes of this ole town Alexandria hotel. From the brick-finished entrance to the cordial welcome by the bell staff, the hotel will make you will feel right at home. Easy access to King Street makes dining and entertainment a breeze. More importantly, whether you are travelling on business or leisure, the word “spa” is always a welcome addition. Steam away your stress at The Lorien Spa. Book your treatment from a catalog of services to rejuvenate you from your travelling woes as you embark upon a stylish history trek.


Stomping Ground

I may be partial because the owner-proprietor is a native Atlantan, but I can tell you your mouth will welcome the southern pride in Nicole Jones’ delivery of the buttermilk chicken biscuit. Beautifully displayed, the biscuit is a complete meal of its own. You will not stop at the always buttermilk biscuit, because I sure did not. Brunch is served like nothing you have ever tasted, filling your palate with scrumptious delights to sing praises.

Virtue Feed and Grain

A chic lunch is in order. Virtue Feed and Grain is amazing food and offers a beautiful ambiance for casual dining. The macaroni and cheese is simply divine. Remembering anything beyond the first bite of this dish will be difficult as you ascend to Heaven. Fresh flowers and the multitude of woods create a relaxing and perfect dining experience.

Restaurant Eve

Shhhhh! Be quiet, or you just may bump into Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama at Restaurant Eve, as the establishment is a favorite of the high-powered political dynasty. Feeding presidents, dignitaries and countless celebrities is a daily activity of this hidden gem. Stroll down the colorful green wall as you enter this fine-dining oasis. Owner and Executive Chef Armstrong and managing partner Todd Thrasher will wow your taste buds with amazing medleys of food and wine.


King Street

If you fancy shopping, you can shop, shop and shop some more on King Street. The main Alexandria thoroughfare is worth a visit and could be your sole purpose. Literally, you can shop ‘til you drop—I did and loved every moment of the experience!

The Hour Shop

Depending on your current hunt as a professional shopper, your needs may vary. If you are looking for decor and utensils to host your next cocktail reception at your humble abode, I strongly suggest The Hour Shop. Owner Victoria Vergason’s infectious personality and passion for libation in style takes decision making to a new level. Options upon options of vintage stemware and accessories for drinking adult beverages await purchase, so you can wow at your next cocktail soiree.

Stitch Sew Shop

Lovers of fashion step to the front of the line. Stitch Sew Shop is a gathering space to learn, evolve and design garments. Community cohesiveness is celebrated inside the confines of this first of its kind boutique. Owner Kalle Thompson is genius in the development of this shop. Pair your fashion fetish with great fabrications and stop in ole town Alexandria for a new era of design education.


National Museum of African American History and Culture

Massive in presentation and full of details, the National Museum of African American History and Culture can easily occupy an entire day, and you still may not see all its grandeur. The beautifully designed, rich-in-content Smithsonian Institution museum is located at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., just a short 15-minute ride from Alexandria. Visiting Alexandria is a perfect compromise for a family, as accommodations there are often drastically more economical than in the District of Columbia. Guests will enjoy the refuge of Alexandria, located just beyond the hustle and bustle of D.C.

Mount Vernon

An American iconic landmark, Mount Vernon is massive and extraordinarily beautiful. Take a half or whole day to experience the wonder of this historical landmark. Once the home to the father of the United States, George Washington, Mount Vernon was where he established his primary residence. The beautifully maintained and curated grounds make it easy to feel the energy of our forefathers and see firsthand the living conditions of the true first family. Guests can easily exceed a half a day taking in Mount Vernon’s historical charm and wonder. Plan on grabbing lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant should you need a bite to eat during your journey.