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Our Children, Our Legacy: 
A Mother’s Tribute

The gift of motherhood should never be taken for granted. It gets even sweeter when you find yourself blessed enough to watch your children grow up and become productive contributors to society. I have found that in all of my children, whether by birth, marriage or familial circumstances.

My firstborn, James Jr., works full time and is one of the most amazingly anointed drummers I have ever met. (Excuse my vernacular, but I have to tell you: dat boy is badddd!) My youngest son, Emmanuel, is intelligent, wise beyond his years, and has a very promising future ahead of him. My niece, Laquita (whom I helped raise from the age of 13), works full time, has completed one degree and is working on another. My nephew (who was my child before I began having children), works full time, coaches football at a local high school, is working toward completing his degree and is a wonderful father to Khaleb (and another on the way at the time of this writing). And my oldest son, Rodney Jr., is a military veteran, working toward his college degree while being a great husband to Sequoia and father of two beautiful girls, Jaylynn and Cali.

Indeed, I am blessed! At this very moment, I can’t help but celebrate one more of my beloveds. My daughter, Kori, recently achieved a tremendous accomplishment by graduating from my alma mater, Spelman College. To say that I am proud is an understatement. I am so grateful for the fact that Kori not only earned her degree from Spelman, but she did so with the utmost grace, tenacity and enthusiasm. The odds, many times, were against her, but they never became a deterrent.

When we become parents, that assignment does not come with instructions. All we can do is hope that our children will live wholesome lives. Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’d be speaking an untruth if I were to tell you that my children are perfect and that we’ve never experienced turbulence. Yet, here we stand! I shall forever be grateful for God entrusting me to set an example for my children and grandchildren. They each are my legacy, and all the praise, glory and honor belong to God.

Excited about your destiny, I am

Alonia Jones