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For over 13 years Chiropractors Winston and Chantaye Carhee have been living, working and playing in the South Fulton Community (#SoFu).

Dr. Winston Carhee’s purpose is to help as many people as possible. He was raised in the South Fulton metro area, where the community has the highest rates of preventable diseases and injuries. Therefore, he made it his mission to help prevent these diseases and assist people recovering from injuries. This mission is personal for Dr. Carhee, who was involved in a motor vehicle collision in 1991 that took the life of two of his childhood friends and caused him serious injuries that took him two years to recover from. This experience changed Dr. Carhee’s life forever.

Dr. Carhee understands firsthand how a car crash can alter your life. Whether it’s a major or minor impact, resulting pain and injuries should not be taken lightly and a full recovery is necessary. Dr. Carhee collaborates and co-manages cases with medical doctors and specialists to provide the best evidence-based treatment for every type of injury. Their team helps patients recover as quickly and as safely as possible while thoroughly documenting the injuries. As a result, many professionals refer patients to their offices.

Dr. Chantaye Carhee was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She is the daughter of a national Baptist preacher who still raises his own crops. Dr. Chantaye Carhee knows the importance of a natural diet and its relation to better health. She specializes in Wellness and Advanced Nutritional Analysis and suggests natural supplementation to support the function of the body’s systems and organs.

Not only is Dr. Carhee a successful businesswoman who operates their Fayetteville office, she is a successful mother of two young boys, Winston III (4) and William (3), both born naturally without major medical intervention. Currently, she is finishing her certification as a natural Bradley Birthing Technique instructor and is well aware of the importance of balancing the female body naturally. Her goal is to help the women in our community do so as well.

The public is invited to the Grand Relocation Celebration on July 1, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 3910 Cascade Road. Come out and join us for family activities, bouncers, food, music, prayer and praise.