First Day Fresh Fashions from Fab’rik 1

How can it be time to head back to school already?  The weather outside continues to scream summer, summer summertime, but busy schedules, rapidly filling calendars and conversations about teachers, books, and homework say otherwise.  It’s time to start thinking about what you will wear to head back to school.  The first day of school is always an opportunity to make a “new” first impression.  The stylist at Fab’rik at the Avenue Peachtree City provided some wonderful back to school looks for the upcoming school year.  The fun and playful looks seen here are created with denim, overalls, jumpsuits and cute sundresses. Asymmetrical hemlines, retro accents and chunky and metallic bold accesories are all simple ways to incorporate trends into your personal style while keeping your look fresh.

Free Fab’rik: Giving Back to Those in Need

The ability to do what you love and support others and align your career with your purpose and core values is one that eludes many and something that I personally continue to aspire to.  Fab’rik founder Dana Spinola seems to have hit the nail on the head through the creation of the non-profit, Free Fab’rik.  In 2009, a broken closet spurred Fab’rik founder Spinola to launch Free Fab’rik a non-profit organization that is changing lives through clothing. While giving back to the community through the donation of clothes is not new, allowing girls and women who need a little help  to “shop” for clothes with no price tags with the assistance of a stylist and be made to feel special is a wonderful enhancement to this concept. Partnering with community organizations, transitional housing and shelters, these Sprees provided by Free Fab’rik and the creation of a space and experience that builds girl’s self-esteem, confidence and wardrobe are a unique way for Spinola and Fab’rik owners to support the mission of Free Fab’rik and give back to members of their communities.  Soliciting donations from Fab’rik customers and community members, Free Fab’rik sets up boutique shopping experiences called “sprees” with no price tag for girls and women who need a little help, particularly those in shelters.  What better way to repurpose gently used clothing than to provide an opportunity to instill hope to young women and girls in moments of small challenges or great need.  With volunteer stylists as their guides, girls are reminded that despite their current circumstances, they are beautiful.  The leading verse of the company, “She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future” (Proverbs 21:35) is illustrated through this program.

To learn more about Free Fab’rik and to find out how to donate and volunteer, visit

A special thanks to the Avenue Peachtree City for hosting this shoot, and especially Fab’rik for providing the clothing, accessories, shoes and styling for these fun first day of school worthy outfits. Additionlly, SFL would like to thank Makeup Artist @KeyaMUA on IG and Greg Cole of Nancy’s Pizza Camp Creek for providing refreshments at the shoot.