Just a Touch….A Touch of Inspiration, That Is

Destined to Live on Purpose

As I open my eyes and realize I am in the eighth month of the year (with eight being the number that symbolizes new beginnings), what a beginning I am about to embark upon! What I am alluding to is that this month is also the month of my milestone 50th birthday. Yes, I know….they say a real lady never tells her age; I beg to differ. I am fully persuaded that every year I’m alive is also a year to count as a blessing. And though I will, in a heartbeat, jokingly tell anyone that I am only 25, please know that I am truly grateful for every year that God has allowed me to be here.

The fact that I’m still here is not something that I take for granted. I’ve seen countless friends, family members, and colleagues who have made their earthly transition at a time in their life that could easily be deemed as simply “too soon.” To that end, I say that every day spent on this earth is a day to live on purpose. You must know your purpose in order to walk into your destiny.

“How can that be, Alonia? Are not purpose and destiny one and the same?” These are questions I’m faced with all the time. It must be understood that they are not the same. Allow me to differentiate as succinctly as possible. First, destiny is something that will inevitably happen while purpose is something that is intended but may never manifest itself. Second, they work together: your destiny will push you toward your purpose, and your purpose will cause you to take action if you desire to walk into your destiny. Finally, purpose can be achieved without achieving destiny. But destiny cannot be achieved without achieving purpose. Think on these things for a moment, then allow me to leave you with this deposit: you were destined to live on purpose!

Excited about your destiny, I am

Alonia Jones