Ready or Not! 1


School bells? Already? It seems like we just celebrated graduations and last day of school parties together. There are not enough lazy summer days anymore. Look outside! It’s blazing and the mercury is not dropping anytime soon. The water temperature at the beach is probably perfect. What happened to my plans to find a porch swing, a glass of lemonade, and a spare moment to relax? I’m scrambling like a remix of the Grinch, who simply must keep the first day of school from coming; but how?

Since it’s coming whether we like it or not, might as well get prepared. My dad would say, to quote the Borg from “Star Trek,” “Resistance is futile.” Check out our Back to School issue to get ready. The luxe fashion spread coordinated and shot by Tiffany Powell Photography on location at one of my favorite places to shop, Avenue Peachtree City, is sure to give you some fashion ideas if you’ve got teens that must have just the right outfit for high school. If your child is thinking about college, check out Dr. Lori James’ article on how to prepare for that process. And kids of all ages can be inspired by Archie Bouie of Georgia Military College.

In the meantime, here’s one of my “Favorite Things” for back to school:

Bentgo’s line of lunchboxes (the Bentgo Original, Bentgo Kids, and Bentgo Salad) are compartmentalized lunchboxes that allow food to be transported without mixing. Each compartment is also a single-serving, to encourage a balanced meal of various dishes. Plus they’re very easy to transport and super sleek. My son likes hunks of ham and turkey, broccoli and carrots with ranch dressing, and some kind of fruit in his lunchbox.

More importantly Bentgo recently partnered with Feed The Children; in this partnership, Bentgo will donate 5% of lunchbox sales on and to the non-profit organization that provides food and disaster relief around the US and in select countries. In 2015, Feed The Children provided a really impressive 107 million pounds of food and essentials.

Be Well, South Fulton!