Vacation: A Woman's Anthem

I am going on a Vacation one day, aint taking NOBODY, no matter who they are, no matter what color. They can be Blue Black, Black, Brown, Chestnut, Pecan, Light Tan, Yella, Vanilla, White nobody!

They can have good hair, bad hair, nappy hair, thick hair, thin hair, be bald headed where wigs weaves and extensions—

Have no teeth, two teeth, somebody else’s teeth, gold crowns, crosses, NO you can’t come.

No man, no children, no aunties, NO sisters. No stray pets.

Nobody I meet on the plane, boat, bus, subway, taxi or trolley.

No letters will be sent back— no postcards, I am going a vacation, not a conference.

When I get to the lobby of the hotel I won’t be making ANY eye contact, so won’t need anybody to check my bags.

I am giving an alias to the desk clerk, so if there is an Emergency I won’t be contacted.

If you get sick, pray, get somebody to lay hands on you, lay hands on yourself, or take some medicine if you have FAITH enough to believe.

If there’s a FIRE, call 911; if there’s a break in, call 911. If you break something, move before I get back or find yourself job.

If you get hungry EAT, because I don’t want to hear, “I was hungry while you was gone.”

If you use something, put it back where you got it from!

I am going on a VACATION to rest my nerves, your nerves, my mind, my feet, my body, my hands, and please when I get back from wherever I went don’t ask me why I had to go in the first place and don’t leave NO more, because while I was gone, you were on a vacation too.

Did you think, that maybe I felt bad about leaving?—only a little though, because if I hadn’t you wouldn’t have understood, why I’m ALWAYS SO tired; tired of punchin’,  pushin’,  prayin’ that I’ll get it right, so you will be PROUD of me, look at me as a goodly, yet WISE woman, your mistress and your Mrs.

So it was in the best interest of us ALL for me to chill, and HONEY I enjooooyed myself.

You know that dress you always said I could get, but I was always thinking of the needs of the family?  I forgot about yawl while I was on VACATION. Guess who got a new dress?

One more thing. Do you recall when we kept getting those applications in the mail for a credit card and I kept throwing them out, because I thought it was a trick to get us into some more debt?  Well, I didn’t throw them ALL out! Can’t tell you everything, but YOU should be getting the bill REAL SOON.

I had a good ole time away from yawl while I was on vacation.  I met some nice folk too, I didn’t make any EYE CONTACT. I wore shades in the day, and I stayed in at night and walked the pavilion connected to my suite–something you use to call me from time to time—NOW only sometimes.

I missed you and the kids though, you all are everything to me, besides my RELATIONSHIP with HIM.  He met me here every night, came in like a COOL BREEZE, spoke words of Confidence and Encouragement to me—told me it was alright to be here—

Because even HE took a rest on the 7th Day!

—Sheryl “Beloved” Jones, M.Div Poet Laureate ©