Making the Transition 3

Keith Strickland’s Program Empowers Community Youth Through Mentoring

To achieve success, there must first be a vision. Also essential is the belief that, against all odds, success is possible. When Keith Strickland, founder and CEO of Making The Transition Inc., was a child, not only did he lack vision, he had no hope, no expectation, and no one to show him a better way. At the very young age of 13, he began selling drugs, got arrested, was expelled from school and became a career drug dealer for over 10 years.

Through his incarceration and desire to have a better life, Keith founded Making The Transition Inc., a life enrichment program that aims to help children born into poverty overcome the hopelessness, resource barriers, gangs, violence, crime and other daunting odds that are stacked against them. Making The Transition Inc. is changing lives and making success possible for many troubled and at-risk youth by offering life skills training, behavior modification, digital literacy, mentoring and several other vital social and emotional programs.

The organization partners with inner-city schools, local and federal court systems, correctional facilities, foster care homes, community centers and others with access to at-risk youth and young adults to provide life-changing opportunities and access to information. Strickland and his team of dedicated, caring professionals believe hope and vision are the most important resources a child can possess—hope for the future, hope in self and a vision of a fulfilling, meaningful, comfortable and productive life.

“Our work has consistently decreased incarceration rates while increasing graduation and employment rates,” says Strickland. The ultimate goal of Making The Transition Inc. is to place the power of each participant’s future into their own hands and not the circumstances they are born into.