5 Reasons to Speak with an Attorney before Filing an EEOC Charge 3

People often visit me after they have filed an EEOC charge and have completed the EEOC process. They wield their Right to Sue Letter thinking that now is the perfect time to speak to an attorney.  It’s always better to speak with an attorney before you get to the EEOC office!  Here are 5 specific reasons to come speak with LEWIS LEGAL, LLC  before filing your EEOC charge. 

  • To Understand Your Issues

Any potential claim you have has specific elements that you must satisfy. While the EEOC intake process can assist you in filing a claim, they are not there for legal advice.  Therefore, it is not their responsibility to advise you of the criteria or if you meet the criteria at the outset.

  • You Are Still Employed

Current employment with the entity that has discriminated against you puts you in a better position strategically.  It becomes difficult for an employer to terminate you after you have made a complaint regarding discrimination due to the possibility of a 
follow-up claim for retaliation.

  • Statute of Limitations

In the majority of cases, you have 180 days from the last discriminatory action to file a charge.  If you wait too long, you will lose your opportunity to make a claim.  There are some circumstances where willful conduct extends the time to file a charge. However, willful conduct is difficult to prove.

  • You’ll Know What to Expect

After you complain, your supervisors will be informed because they are required to respond. Speaking with Lewis Legal, LLC, can prepare you for the behavior that your supervisors or employer may exhibit toward you.  If you are not careful, actions taken by you can hurt your claim.

  • Your Employer Has an Attorney

Employers have attorneys that advise them on EEOC standards and regulations long before you come along with your potential claim.  There is no reason for you not to seek similar advice.

If you have experienced discrimination, visit LewisLegalLLC.com 
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