The holiday season is already in full swing. Christmas trees are up, strands of lights are shining bright and holiday scents are in the air! This is also the time of year that we usually aren’t as concerned about nutrition and exercise as we should be. However, if we stay on top of things during the holiday season, we are less likely to go into the New Year feeling guilty and bloated. Check out these fun and healthy holiday activities:

  • • Go ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park or Piedmont Park
  • • Act out dance routines while watching Christmas musicals at home 
  • • Take a trip to Stone Mountain/Snow Mountain for some sledding fun
  • • Prepare a healthy meal to take to a family in need and let everyone in the family get involved
  • • Have a dance off to your favorite Christmas songs and make it a competition for added fun
  • • Make holiday-themed Tin Tin Snacks from my fun and exciting nutrition-based 
 children’s book series
  • • Have a healthy indoor picnic next to the Christmas tree by laying out a blanket, 
enjoying some healthy foods and playing holiday music in the background
  • • Do a 5K as a family, but prior to the 5K, spend a few days each week walking at the mall, 
around your neighborhood or at an indoor track
  • • Have a house cleaning race while collecting items that you no longer use to donate to a 
 charitable organization and get your tax deductions before the end of the year
  • • Have an in-home scavenger hunt by selecting one family member to hide holiday gift 
 wrapping items around the house, then everyone else can race to find them.

Stay healthy and get moving with these fun and festive holiday activities. I’m offering an awesome deal on my children’s books, which are great Christmas gifts for the little ones! Learn more about the series and how to make Tin Tin Snacks at 
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