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There’s Two Sides to Every Story and Then There’s the TRUTH

I don’t want kids but I don’t want hormones either. What do I do about birth control?

Unless you have certain medical problems or a certain family history, hormones can be

protective. But…….You don’t want them—I get it. So here’s what you do: GET AN IUD. IUDs have

gotten a bad rap because some doctors are very careless with them. However, just know that

they can be freakin awesome.

There are about five different types. They have different timespans and indications, but THERE IS

NO HORMONE CIRCULATING IN YOUR BODY when you have one. If there is hormone in it, it

works only in your womb. That’s it! Nothing in the bloodstream.

As a physician, I ALWAYS make sure that I’ve placed it properly by giving patients an ultrasound

after it’s in. It’s that simple: you put it in, check on it once a year and have no worries about

getting pregnant for 3-10 years. Most times it can lighten or stop your period as well. I urge my

patients to stop with the “homegirl consults” and see a licensed OB/GYN to get the real deal.

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