Hey Y’all,

February is the month of love. And it’s with love that we bring you the Makers issue! SFL writer Regan Toomer brings you a conversation with Miko Branch, one of the founders of Miss Jessie’s Natural Hair products. In addition, we give you 24 hours in the life of Lenna Turner, owner of TopHalf Boutique and a member of the Atlanta Opera chorus. There are some beautiful images from Kafia Haile, a local visual artist and filmmaker. Did you see the photo that accompanied my letter last month? Well, that was just a preview. Take a peek inside to find a full review of A Hush Affair presented by the Twenty Pearls Foundation! Make a special Valentine for the one you love with help from our DIY section this month. The issue ends with a spotlight on the S.U.R.E. Book Club. It’s my pleasure to share the love with each of you.