The Ladies of Sisters Unbound Reading Everything, affectionately known as  (S.U.R.E.),  book club is a South Fulton gem. These ladies have been together for twelve years and counting. Their love for each other and passion for reading is pretty amazing. They have an undeniable bond of sisterhood and #BlackGirlJoy.  I fell in love with them even more I attended their book club meeting. When in their presence you feel a certain synergy which commands attention for their passion of reading.  S.U.R.E  indulges in every type of novel imaginable and respectfully have different perspectives.

The fourteen members are close knit and enjoy a family style meal at the beginning of each meeting. Fellowship is amazing and the conversation is very family oriented as they catch up on everything from Grandbabies to the latest vacations to future travels for the club. After twelve years together, they started taking adult field trips after the first five years. The field trips are both local and out of state. They range from trips to see plays about books they’ve read to “Vegas, baby!” and Myrtle Beach. Please believe S.U.R.E. takes care of their bodies, minds, souls and health. They are truly sisters and show you that the right friends are family  as well.  We read Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline and this book was the selection of the host. Each host selects the book to be read. I was blessed to select the next book and choose Believing In Magic by Cookie Johnson.

Three takeaways I took from these ladies presence was their passion for fellowship, reading and traveling. S.U.R.E. is is old school and will be around for a lifetime. Their members are all ages from forty something to seventy something and I love how everyone has a kindred soul and seat at the table.