“Home is where the heart is” has been used for ages to get people to reconnect with “home,”  i.e., family. As much as we may love the people that live there, if we’re honest with ourselves, home has become quite stressful. A study conducted by the American Psychological Association states that women are more likely to report having a great deal of stress, and almost half surveyed have experienced more stress in the past five years. Men have mastered the art of reducing stress in the home by retreating to their man-caves for hours and some, even days (not in my house)!

Some women may likely say that their significant other is selfish, but maybe they are onto something! Everyone needs a sanctuary to spend quality time with themselves. My personal Zen is my workout space, right in my office. I bike, row, run, do yoga, HIIT cardio, all in a corner of my office. When I go in and close the door, my crew knows “Do not disturb!” That’s my time, my space, my woman-cave, so to speak. The neat thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be a place at all. My Zen is wherever I work out.

So, in essence, my “Zen” is working out! Man or woman, your personal cave is wherever you feel peaceful, calm and serene—where there are no walls, no limits, and nothing preventing you from what you want or need. You create your home, and your Zen. So create it! And THAT is truly where your heart will be.

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Talk soon.