It all starts with inspiration—the love of furniture and interior design, the appreciation for fabric textures, metal works and wood crafting. When you look within the elements as art forms, the enlightenment of open spaces is best used as blank canvases. The few impressions of appreciation developed at the start of HollandLuxe. Created by Camille Banks, HollandLuxe is essentially a one-stop shop for home furnishings and design needs. Since 2009, she has manufactured custom furniture pieces, designing each piece according to clients’ individual styles and tastes. The integrity of her artistic form was gifted to HollandLuxe by artisan Arthur Bailey, who taught a mandatory difference in delivering quality.  

“We have designed and created pieces from farmhouse dining tables, beds with headboards 6 feet high and have become champions in rustic-staining. Our materials are handpicked by choice to ensure quality control. Over the years, HollandLuxe has been afforded the opportunity to create and deliver stunning home furnishings to clients of all types, both near and far,” says Camille.   

At HollandLuxe, they know firsthand how important it is to have the perfect design and the perfect space combined. For those who have yet to find the “perfect” space, HollandLuxe Properties can help. HollandLuxe Properties is a real estate subsidiary within HollandLuxe, dedicated to listening to clients’ wishes and truly matching them to the home of their dreams. They are not just a real estate company, but a “Space Matchmaker.”

The newest future endeavor is a staple product line soon to be available in your favorite home furnishing retail stores. Camille and company consider it to be both humbling and gratifying to continually be inspired by the notion of their very existence, to help bring their clients’ visions to life. At HollandLuxe, they are so grateful for continued opportunities to grow rich in art, new concepts and investing in the true meaning of home. By manufacturing furnishings without limitations, they are creating their own essential elements of matchmaking the ideal home, client satisfaction and standing behind the values of HollandLuxe.