From Trash to Treasure: 
How Environmental Theater Honors the Earth 8

Serenbe Playhouse Presents Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”

South Fulton’s hidden oasis within the community of Serenbe is preparing to introduce metro Atlanta to a Disney classic. The cast and crew of Serenbe Playhouse are preparing for the season opener, Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” Director Ryan Oliveti is thrilled to be making his debut directing role at Serenbe Playhouse with this piece. As an avid Disney fan, this opportunity is a dream come true for Oliveti. Playhouse Founder and Artistic/Executive Director Brian Clowdus spearheaded the idea of taking people’s trash and making it Ariel’s treasure—only the team didn’t stop there.

Costume Designer Erik Teague says, “the exciting thing about using household items in unexpected forms is that it can inspire someone to view a commonplace object in a new light. For example, a soda can tab is just a soda can tab until it becomes a bauble on a mermaid’s headdress; a milk jug is just plastic until it becomes the crown of King Triton; and bubble wrap is just for packing until it becomes the suckers on a set of Ursula’s tentacles!”

Serenbe Playhouse has been producing hit plays for the past nine years, and this year continues to feature some of Atlanta’s top talent, says Oliveti. When asked about working in environmental theatre, Oliveti says there’s something magical about working within the elements. The ninth season of the Serenbe Playhouse is entitled “VOYAGE: After the Rebellion. We Sail On!”

Each show will be in or around water. “The Little Mermaid” Scenic Director, Shannon Robert, stated, “this project is putting a spotlight on and reflecting on what we are doing to our oceans and landscape. I have never done anything at this scale using a physical environment (like a body of water) using materials (that could threaten it and kill the life in it) to create beautiful and treacherous set pieces (with a final objective of making sure it is all recycled at the conclusion of the production).” Robert and the Drama Department team at Clemson University are eager to help create this magical world right here in our backyard.

Tickets are currently on sale for “The Little Mermaid,” which opened March 28, and continues with showtimes through April 22.

This year homeschool days and day time performances for schools will be available. More information can be found at