Mover + Shaker Kim McNair: The Philanthropist

Giving Back to Women in Business and Inspiring Teens

Mover and shaker Philanthropist Kim McNair, CEO of KMP/Kim McNair Productions-Special Event Planning and Marketing Firm and Executive Producer/Host of “Women on the MOVE Live!” Morning Show, sits down with SFL to discuss her new venture working with teen girls. 

Background: I’m originally from Newark, New Jersey, by way of Orlando, Florida. I moved south of Atlanta in 2007. 

Education & Training: Clayton State University, Certificate in Event and Meeting planning; Georgia Center for Nonprofit Certification in Nonprofit Organizational Management; Basic/Business Operation Course Training in Tampa

Occupation: Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner

Family: Single mother of four adult children

Passion: Passion is giving exposure to untapped talent: women in business, entrepreneurs and teenage girls. “I have always had that passion to empower them and give them a platform where people can see their skill set, talents and abilities.”  

“My motivation is to see the end results. When a business woman emails me or calls me to say ‘Thank you,’ for the connection, or a teenage girl says, ‘Ms. Kim, I did it!’ that adds fuel to my soul and I know I’m in the will of God and I’m truly focused on the mission, not the position.”

Hobbies/Interesting Facts: Watching or going to the movies. I was a runway model in NYC/NJ and began modeling at age 14 and had a modeling and image studio in Orlando, where I modeled for Disney commercials, MTV Music Awards, etc.

Favorite Quote: “P.A.C.E. Yourself because Positive Attitudes Change Things!” 

More: “Women on the MOVE Live!” is in its fourth season, despite the naysayers and doubters that said a show focused on WOMEN would not work. AARP of Georgia has come on board as a major corporate partner this year.  

Community Work: This year, Kim McNair Productions and BWEP-Business Women Empowerment Project-nonprofit organization has been committed to empowering women to be on the move throughout the State of Georgia. They started in Macon with the Second Annual Women’s Empowerment Brunch. Metro Atlanta’s next event will be held September 20, and the Fifth Annual Women on the MOVE Summit is scheduled for October 20. “Rockin Women in Rockdale County” with EmpowerHER Brunch and Augusta events are in the planning stages.  

In 2018, McNair launched “Teen Girls Rock!” for girls ages 12-17 with the mission of helping them realize their full potential as they become successful women. They have completed STEM sessions with Microsoft on Coding, 3-D painting and Power Point, and skin care/self-care sessions with Clinique hosted by Belk, with more to come this summer. 

“No matter your profession, you choose be influential and have integrity. Exposing young ladies to skill sets to develop their self-esteem and encourage a positive outlook on their lives can make a huge difference; so can knowing they can do anything they put their minds to.” — Kim McNair

"P.A.C.E. Yourself because Positive Attitudes Changes Things!”