I get torn between my favorite issues, the Women’s and the Men’s Issue, for obvious reasons. However, since it is May, I’ll say THIS is my favorite, at the moment (smile!).

It’s been an interesting season for women—lots going on, namely the #metoo movement. You guys know we like to keep it light around these parts, so I’m not gonna get all preachy on you, but I will say this: We, as women, have a real opportunity to change the course of things. Juliet Hall, my dear friend, has a saying that she’s trademarked: “Own Your Opportunities.” I love this, because we all have opportunities to take that inch we’re given and go a mile.  

If something falls in your lap, don’t just leave it there! Get up, take it with you and do something with it! How many times has your destiny stared you in the face, and you said, “No thanks!?” 

Friends, those times may come back around for you; then again, they may not. And, who knows which scenario will actually happen? You’ve got to be opportunistic, and I mean that in a good way.  

Life is a journey, and the journey gets better the better you are at taking advantage of things that are placed in front of you—the ones that are designed to help you fulfill your purpose. I will say there’s an art to knowing what’s for you and what isn’t—that’s discernment, and that’s a whole ‘nother letter.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!