Movers + Shakers (The Dude Edition) 14

1. Role South Fulton’s inevitable growth 2. What people need to know about South Fulton 3. Importance of mentoring


Shannon James VP, Commercial Banking BB&T Middle Markets Chairman, Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance Secretary, Aerotropolis Atlanta CID

By linking South Fulton with various corporations, I have established relationships during my lengthy career in business development. And with a leadership role in Aerotropolis, I can move strategically and accelerate the pace of results.

Community improvement districts (Fulton Industrial, Airport West, Airport South and South Fulton) that have been formed. Their primary focus is infrastructure, public safety and transportation. With Aerotropolis, the residents and communities will benefit for generations to come.

I was the biggest advocate when the AeroATL Alliance Board approved partnerships with Step Up Atlanta (All Girls) and 100 Black Men of South Metro (All Boys).


Dr. Jacques Gordon, Board Certified, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral health is an integral part of a patient’s overall health. As the only oral and maxillofacial surgeon in South Fulton, it is a privilege to provide oral and facial health care needs for its citizens.

South Fulton has everything millennials are looking for. It is rich in culture and history, has great restaurants, affordable housing, a booming film industry.

It is imperative that young men in our community have someone that they can look up to and emulate. They yearn for direction, love and acceptance. For our communities and families to thrive, our young men must thrive.


John Brewer, Jr. Chairman/CEO of Vantage Private Capital, LLC

My company focuses on strategic insight and potential job growth through small business acquisitions and development, ideal for South Fulton’s future.

South Fulton continues to flourish through local and state initiatives and development associated at a minimum by leveraging rail, freight and air.

Youth involvement is critical. Instilled by my dad’s altruism, I have read to elementary kids, mentored through the First Tee Golf Foundation and served as an engaged member of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta youth mentoring organization. I am on the Board of the Nsoro Foundation, a post foster care not-for-profit assisting youth into and through college.


Derrick E. Bell Engineering executive, assistant vice president Starr Companies

As President of the Omicron Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity Inc., I’m dedicated to making our chapter’s resources available to city officials, businesses and residents in alignment with fraternity motto, “First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All.”

We desire and deserve great schools, safe communities and economic growth. South Fulton is well-positioned for economic development. Companies stand to benefit immensely by locating here.

I am a testament to how positive role models can stop the cycle of poverty and poor choices that have a lifelong impact. Our Alpha Chapter mentors boys and provides scholarships.


Shaun Banks, Creator of Camp Warrior King Youth Development program

-South Fulton Performance Group

“You Can Have It All” Conferences and I AM Defense for Women & Children.

Author of Persevere Overcome Win, a book about how to effectively develop youth.

The role of developing youth for tomorrow is important to me. I speak to organizations about the most effective strategies to do it.

South Fulton develops and continues to develop some of the most talented youth in the world. Mentoring youth is our utmost responsibility. Children can learn to use their authority. The Word of God is the foundation.


Robert E. Golden

I use my time, talents and means to achieve sustainable social change. I own and operate businesses and nonprofits whose focus is the citizens and youth of South Fulton.

South Fulton is home to every major transportation artery to the Southeast, the USA and globally. It contains the last buildable dirt, a county where the shortcomings of GA 400 can be improved upon in the form of South Fulton Parkway.

Where I live, earn a living, own real estate, educate my son and volunteer my time are conscious decisions that strengthen my impact on young men in South Fulton.