South Fulton’s Idol Baby

South Fulton’s “Idol Baby,” Victoria Ariel McQueen, was born to be a star. Born on the date the very first “American Idol” episode aired on television, she just barely made the cut for her audition this past season. Victoria wowed celebrity judges Luke Bryan, Katie Perry and Lionel Richie with her “pitch perfect” a capella singing of Stevie Wonder’s, “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” and her bright and bubbly personality.

Victoria is well-known around metro Atlanta after having performed at the Southwest Arts Center, Alliance Theatre and other Atlanta venues. At 8 years old, Victoria auditioned with AOC (Art of Confidence) in metro Atlanta for their version of “Annie.” 

“I remember so vividly our first encounter with little Miss Victoria,” says former teacher Shanequa Dasher. “She walked in the room with a smile that would put sunshine to shame. We were so blown away with her talent. Not only was she an amazing actress at such a young age, she also had a beautiful singing voice. She sang, acted and danced her heart out. But the one thing that always proceeded her talent was her consistent positive attitude, pursuit of enhancing her craft and her unmatched work ethic. Victoria was born to be a star!”

As a member of Elizabeth Baptist Church, Victoria’s South Fulton roots have taken her to new levels within the arts industry. She “lives for Stevie Wonder.”  

“I actually love singing songs by him,” says Victoria. “I also love Torre Kelli and the movie ‘Sing,’ so it was an easy choice. I like what the song is saying. Even at my young age I have had some difficult times and things can be stressful. This song basically says, ‘Don’t you worry about a thing.’ I love that and how the song moves is lots of fun and carefree!”

Victoria is right on the money—she doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Look for this amazing triple threat talent’s career to rise.