If I could get paid to travel around the world and taste the best food the earth has to offer, I’m pretty sure I would take that opportunity today—like right now! My signature activity when I travel is to find out what the area is best known for and eat that dish as many times at as many different restaurants I can find. For instance, in London, I ate fish and chips like one zillion times and, unfortunately, that pea mush. Who knew baby food could be such a delicacy? (Yuck)! In Greece, I ate, you guessed it, spanakopita, gyro meat and Greek salad everywhere! I figured the salad had to balance out the other two. Am I right? Am I right?

Well, SoFu is beginning to work its way up the food ladder, with plentiful area options to please any palate. To that end, we got a chance this month to peek into what’s become a staple in the area—Baltimore Crab and Seafood—and their newest addition, Bella. We’ll learn how Shema is establishing a true culinary enterprise across SoFu! And, since it’s our annual Food and Drink issue, you too, get a chance to do the same! I’m absolutely expecting to be at a dinner party at one of your homes and be offered one of the drink delicacies we’ve got featured this month!  

So, in the spirit of community, do me a favor: start patronizing our wonderful local spots. If you go somewhere, and it’s new to the area and not in the magazine, let us know! Be it a brewery, restaurant or wine spot, share it with the rest of us! Unless, of course, you’re trying to keep it a secret, which would be wickedly selfish! 🙂  

Speaking of cool spots and wine, peep the pic of me up top at one of my favorite vineyards in Napa, AXR. They have some of the best wine I’ve ever tasted. Let me know if you’re ever headed to Napa, and I’ll make sure my friends there take great care of you. In the meantime, stay true to SoFu! Talk soon!