Our personal experience and that of other leaders in our communities, such as Mason White, helped surface the fact that there is a significant amount of ignorance in management and operations of communities and apathy in volunteering, board service, and membership responsibility. More importantly, many residents do not grasp the value of an effectively run community and its impact on property value and quality of life.

That ignorance and apathy sparked discussions with community leaders, the District Attorney’s Office, code enforcement, public safety, and state and local representatives. The discussion birthed the idea of corralling communities to overcome challenges that negatively impact them. From that, we established the South Fulton HOA Alliance to streamline a consistent approach to managing and operating our communities in the unincorporated South Fulton area—today the City of South Fulton.

The formation of a community alliance was long overdue and made sense for South Fulton and, eventually, the State of Georgia. Many homeowners are working citizens who entrust their quality of life to others who are not trained to do so.

Thanks to the HOA Alliance, we established programs, such as Communities Against Crimes, Board Leadership Conference, Community Educational Series, and HOA Boot Camp. Remember, our goal is “To establish a consistent way to manage and operate our communities.”

What is the purpose of the HOA Alliance county chapters?

The HOA Alliance county chapters allow the HOA Alliance to scale across the State of Georgia in order to empower communities throughout Georgia. Plans are in place to scale across all states to establish a consistent way to manage and operate communities.

What is the Georgia HOA Alliance?

Initially, the founders saw a need to strengthen South Fulton’s Homeowner’s Associations. After speaking with many people from outside the unincorporated area, it was apparent that the HOA Alliance needed to scale into other communities in Georgia’s 159 counties.

The Georgia HOA Alliance was established to create a coalition of Georgia communities, via a chapter model, dedicated to building quality neighborhoods that are economically sustainable while creating safe and healthy environments. Today, we work to make Georgia a better place to live, work, and play for all residents.

What is the purpose of the South Fulton HOA Alliance?

The South Fulton HOA Alliance was our first chapter, formed to empower South Fulton communities to establish a consistent way to manage and operate. Today, we have the Cobb County HOA Alliance, Dekalb HOA Alliance, Clayton County HOA Alliance, and the Douglasville HOA Alliance, with additional chapters planned throughout Georgia.


Important lessons learned regarding HOA board service are as follows:

“Community management depends on a communal effort and our ability to tap into the ideas and experience that every member possesses.”

“As you can imagine, living in a community with an additional layer of governance is challenging for most people. We don’t think it is any different for the founders of the HOA Alliance. Any negative experiences come down to ignorance. Today’s laws do not require any member of a community association to take any education on managing and operating an HOA community.”

“The United Way V.I.P. program’s slogan is ‘Training volunteers to be leaders.’ All board members are encouraged to take a formal education on board service. It is advantageous to all residents of various communities.””All residents of a community association are entitled to a good quality of life. That fact is leading us to push for public policies that protect family’s rights. Today, we are pushing for a Community Association Protection & Transparency Bill to protect the rights and quality of life of residents.”