As the 20th mayor of Union City, Mayor Vince R. Williams is currently serving out his second term in office. During his time as mayor, this Tennessee native has been able to turn Union City’s economy around, rescuing it from financial troubles and a declining economy. He’s been credited with helping to provide an 81% increase in the city’s financials while also creating a significant increase in employment. He’s since coined the slogan, “You’ll like what U.C.”

While his constituents refer to him as “Mayor Williams” in the streets and in his office, at home, he’s “Vince” to his wife, Sharon, and “Daddy” to his daughter, Nia. A graduate of Lemoyne-Owen College in Memphis, Tennessee, with a B.A. in Political Science, Williams brings over 25 years of experience in corporate America with a background in nonprofit administration, legal and regulatory compliance work, and public relations to the Union City Council. Outside of public service, Mayor Williams also operates as an entrepreneur with interests in real estate and health. 

Before taking on the office of mayor, Williams became very familiar with public service, holding positions in numerous committees and boards, such as Connect South Fulton, Georgia Municipal Association, National League of Cities Board of Directors, South Fulton Municipal Association, South Fulton Regional Water Authority and the Southwest Christian Care Board of Advisors.

He made a significant impact during his tenure on the City Council in an elected position that allowed him to advocate for creating a stronger economic base in Union City. His work there awarded him two terms. While serving as mayor pro tem, Williams took office in 2013 after the resignation of former Mayor Moore, after which he was officially elected as Union City mayor in November 2013. 

As mayor, some of Williams’ major wins include creating partnerships within Georgia’s growing film and television industry to bring jobs to Union City and fostering relationships with Universal Forestry Products, General Electric, Kraft Foods, Procter and Gamble, Walmart ecommerce and Amazon, who have all settled in Union City.