SFL Sits Down with Some of the Hometown Heroes of the New City of South Fulton

Keith Meadows

Chief of Police 

City of South Fulton Police Department

I’m from Atlanta, a product of the Atlanta Public School System, graduating from Northside High School. I grew up in East Atlanta, I went to Georgia State University and I received my Masters from Columbus State University. I am married to Tanya Meadows and we have 4 sons William, Marcus, Adrian and Branden. My family has been in the funeral business since the early 1900’s so you can imagine I had an interesting up bringing.  Growing up around the funeral sparked my interest in homicide investigations and that’s the main reason I got into law enforcement.

I’ve only been the Chief in the City of South Fulton for a few months and I’m extremely excited about the future of this organization.I have a passion for homicide investigations and teaching other law enforcement officers about the art.  Becoming a public servant is something I’ve wanted to do since childhood. My family has a history of serving the public.

The citizens in South Fulton have been so warm and inviting to not only me but my family as well.  I can’t remember a time in my law enforcement career when I’ve received so much support and encouragement.


Captain Cotton Tukes 

An Atlanta native, I am the third child of Virgil Cotton and Senior Pastor Ruby Cotton.  My mother is 91-years old and has been my rock throughout my career.  I am a mother of three children and six grandchildren who I love dearly.  They are my reason for living. I have served in the community in law enforcement for over 35 years with Fulton County Police Department and now serve the community as a Captain with the City of South Fulton Police Department.

I became a public servant to serve my fellow man with love, compassion and the utmost professionalism.  It is my belief that people want and need to know that you care about them.


Nicholas Williams

I’m proud to call Atlanta home. I graduated from North Clayton High School in 2007 and graduated from Grambling State University. I married my best friend Adriah, and we had two beautiful children, Ava and Ace. In 2013, we moved back to Atlanta where my wife is a teacher and I joined the Fulton County Police Department.

I decided to become a police officer in honor of my Grandfather Sherman Miller, who was a Deputy Sheriff for the Rapides Sheriff’s Department, in Alexandria, La. He always put his family first, and he was very respected in the community. Citizens knew and respected his name. He mastered community policing by not taking an authoritarian position, but respecting and understanding the citizens he came in contact with. I implement my grandfather’s values with every citizen. Over the past 5 years I’ve learned that communication is the most powerful tool I can carry, and the community is my most powerful ally.

I transitioned over to the South Fulton Police Department to continue watering the seeds that were planted here in the City of South Fulton, and for career development. Many of the officers that transitioned from the Fulton County Police Department have established unbreakable, family-like bonds, and with this department being brand new, we have the opportunity to establish something great. We are the pioneers of this police department. We will set the tone and cast a vision of how this police department will be successful. I love South Fulton because I was raised in the area, and because I’m invested into the community. My parents live in South Fulton, and they’re proud to say that their son works in their community.


C. Wesley Stubbs

Deputy Fire Chief of Operations and EMS


I was born in El Paso, TX but moved to the Atlanta are when I was 4. I was raised in south Fulton, attending Fulton County schools and graduating from Feldwood High School. I’m married and have a 16 year old son. I started with the Fulton County Fire Department in 1981 and worked through the ranks.  My passion is to make this department the best in the metro area and provide the citizens the service they expect from a top ranked fire department. I became a public servant because I volunteered with the Fulton County Fire Department  and found that I loved helping people and wanted to make this my career. 


Captain Andrea Hall 

I am from Albany, GA often called “The Good Life City.” I am the eldest of four. My sister is currently a firefighter/Lieutenant working in Code Enforcement in the Fire Marshall’s office and I have a brother-in-law who is a firefighter working in Investigations in the Fire Marshall’s office.

 I was attending a university and I had a cousin that was a firefighter. He essentially dared me to compete for a position. At 19, I became the first and only female firefighter to complete recruit school and work in field operations in the history of that department. 

I started in the fire service in my hometown in 1993 and in Fulton County since 1999. I became a charter member of the City of South Fulton Fire Rescue Department in February of 2018. I’ve been Captain with the department since 2004, the first and only African American female officer in the history of the department.


Joaleen Carr


I’ve been an EMT for 25 years, firefighter for 18 years, and a HazMat tech for 7 years. I’m currently an FF3 and I am the driver of Truck 11 on the A shift. I grew up in nearby Coweta county and I still live there. This job requires a team to work together to accomplish the desired result. This job is bigger than one person. Citizens call us when they are desperate and need help. If we can make a positive difference in their lives, we have done our job.  

I have several passions: family, cooking and trying new recipes. And I enjoy working out since I’m a personal trainer. One of the best things about South Fulton is my co-workers. We spend a lot of time living and working together. We are bonded through the good times and the bad. 


Eric Stolze


I’m from Leesburg, GA right next to Albany, GA. My parents have been married for 29 years and I have one younger  sister. She is in public safety, working as an Advanced EMT and finishing Paramedic school. I have been working with the City of South Fulton since February and I have been in fire service for nearly four years. My passion is family and helping others. It’s an absolute pleasure to be the person to come help someone in need. The South Fulton Fire Department’s motto fits perfectly into my personal values: Service to All, Second to None. 

After I got out of the Marine Corps, I knew I wanted to continue to serve on the local level and the Fire Department was a clear choice. I love the citizens of South Fulton! Everywhere we go, the citizens are always cheerful and make us feel welcome. Whether we are on a call or just buying groceries, the community let’s us know that they support us.